Questions about INTEROC products

Can the rod changer KBM with manipulator be used with double rods as well?

All rod changers can be used with double rods. For the installation the upper wrench of the manipulator grabs the inner rods and the lower wrench grabs the outer casing at the same time. Normally the rods are extracted one by one, the outer casings being placed over the inner rods in the KBM.

What depths can be achieved with the rod changer KBM without having to recharge it?

Depending on the model, a KBM can be equipped with five, six or seven drill rods of the standard length of 3 m. This results in drilling depths of 15, 18 or 21 meters.

Can drilling rods longer than 3 m be used as well?

For the AN 150 there is an option to use 4 m long drilling rods as well.

How are the INTEROC anchor drill rigs controlled?

Since 2014 a radio remote control is part of the standard equipment. As an option, the machines can also be provided with a conventional control console.

Where does INTEROC come from?

ABI acquired the INTEROC brand in 2009 from the company Deilmann-Haniel Mining Systems GmbH (D&H). For years, D&H slipped its experiences from the construction of underground machines into the anchor drill rigs as well. The high quality and ruggedness of the machines was one of the decisive criteria for ABI to buy INTEROC.