Hydraulic Drifters

INTEROC drifters guarantee excellent performance and efficiency under different conditions.

Following types of drifters are available:

  • Hydraulic drifter BE 1100
  • Hydraulic drifter BE 1400
  • Hydraulic drifter BE 2400

Various hydraulic motors with different speed and torque ranges are available to ensure complete compatibility with the selected drilling method. The efficient reflex damping system provides effective protection for the drifter. As the feed is not subjected to unnecessary strain, the entire drill string will give longer service live.

Rotary Heads

INTEROC rotary heads are designed for use on all common drilling systems. Their robust construction, reliability and longevity has made them the tool of choice for many operators.

  • Rotary head DE 1400
  • Rotary head DE 2000

INTEROC rotary heads can be used either as individual drive heads or as part of double head drilling units.

The models can be equipped with a different single-stage or two-stage hydraulic motors to allow a wide range of speed and torque settings. An optimum performance is guaranteed under any drilling conditions.

Double Head Drilling Units

The double head drilling units are assembled using high-performance INTEROC hydraulic drifters and rotary heads. They are designed for drilling with inner rod and outer casing in all common diameter ranges and ground conditions

Double head drilling units are powered by two axially-positioned drill heads. The lower drive a rotary head is fitted.

Standard INTEROC double head drill unit:

  • DKE 2011 consisting of rotary head DE 2000 and rotary head DE 1100
  • DKE 2011 B consisting of rotary head DE 2000 and hydraulic drifter BE 1100
  • DKE 2014 B consisting of rotary head DE 2000 and hydraulic drifter BE 1400